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たとえば、「Canadian Psychology: The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive SciencesMITECS)」。

I have discussed the way in which the contents of MITECS has been organized and so have answered the first question about the encyclopedia raised at the beginning of my review. I turn now to the second question: What compromises are incurred by the brevity of each of the 741 entries? We must be generous here: A page on "Attention in the Human Brain," say, may not be much even from the most knowledgeable of guides, and we are often left with an impression of a rough sketch rather than a detailed diagram. But a sketch is a beginning along the way to a clear picture, and there is always the substantial list of references to turn to at the end of each article.
I am glad to have MITECS on my shelf I glance at its covers yearningly and think to myself: If only I understood all of those 741 entries. Then I'd really know something about the mind.