Cognitive Psychology, Fourth Edition / Robert J. Sternberg

神経科学コミュニティー サイト*1の「認知心理学入門」勉強会*2 では、アイダホ大学のオンライン教材(Psyc325: Cognitive Psychology)*3 を使ってます。ここで使用しているテキストは『Cognitive Psychology, 3rd ed.』ISBN:0155085352 なのですが、近日第4版が発行されるそうです。

Cognitive Psychology, Fourth Edition / Robert J. Sternberg, Yale University. Available May 2005, 624 pp. 2-color. Thomson/Wadsworth. ISBN:0534514219

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New to this Edition

  • Jeff Mio of California State University-Pomona has contributed applications that
    provide consistently practical and applied material for students.
  • Readability has been greatly increased through sentence-by-sentence editing.
  • The brain chapter has been further refined and focused on cognitive processes,
    making it more user-friendly. Further, there is better integration of cognitive
    neuroscience throughout the book in later chapters.
  • The Cognitive Development chapter has been placed within the language chapter,
    based on reviewer feedback that this is a more appropriate fit for the topic.
  • The art program has been improved in this edition.
  • In this edition, every chapter ends with a reprise of the common themes, so the
    student can see how the major ideas of the chapter relate to the themes introduced
    early in the book.

*1:神経科学コミュニティー サイト


*3:アイダホ大学のオンライン教材 - Psyc325: Cognitive Psychology