going crazy もうなにがなんだかわからない。

I'm going crazy.(あれもこれもやらなくちゃいけないのに、次の仕事のために出張にいかないといけないし、もうなにがなんだかわからない)from InterFM

Everybody in the shop was going crazy preparing for the shop's opening the next day.


As soon as they opened the restaurant customers started coming in droves. The chef is happy but also going crazy.
(「どうかなる」の用例として)[2] [変になる]
あんまり忙しくて頭がどうかなりそうだ I am so busy that I am nearly going crazy. 

LDOCEの crazy の語義4に対応。

4 like crazy; very much or very quickly
*We're going to have to work like crazy to get this finished on time.