『Great Software Debates』by Alan M. Davis

Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press
288 pages, ISBN:0471675237, August 2004. $45.00

Readers will benefit from 25 years of software development experience without having to relive it. The book is a collection of essays presenting proven ideas on how to approach the difficult task of constructing software. Software practitioners who are in desperate need of sound, palatable advice will find this book a valuable reference. The book is also appropriate for graduate-level students of software engineering who need a concise glimpse into the software engineering field.

【関連書籍】ソフトウェア開発201の鉄則 (1996/03). 著者: Alan M. Davis; 訳者:松原 友夫; ページ数:237p; ISBN:4822290026; 出版社:日経BP