Jolt Award Finalists

第15回 Jolt Awardの最終選考作品が決まりました。ちょっと日本の状況とは違うなぁというラインナップです。常連さんが多いのも特徴かと。ジム・ハイスミスワインバーグに注目。コーバーンは無条件にいい本のはず。

15th Annual Software Development Jolt Product Excellence Awards
FinalistsBooks: General
Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products
 by Jim Highsmith (Addison-Wesley Professional) ISBN:0321219775
Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams 
 by Alistair Cockburn (Addison-Wesley Professional)
Exploiting Software: How to Break Code 
 by Greg Hoglund and Gary McGraw (Addison-Wesley Professional )
Head First Design Patterns 
 by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra (O'Reilly)
Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds: The Secrets & Science of Hiring Technical People
 by Johanna Rothman and Gerald M. Weinberg (Dorset House) ISBN:0932633595
Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky (Apress) ISBN:1590593898
Refactoring to Patterns by Joshua Kerievsky (Addison-Wesley Professional)
Software Factories: Assembling Applications with Patterns, Models, Frameworks and Tools 
 by Jack Greenfield, Keith Short, Steve Cook, Stuart Kent, John Crupi (Wiley)

●Books: Technical
Better, Faster, Lighter Java by Bruce A. Tate and Justin Gehtland (O'Reilly)
C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices 
 by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu (Addison-Wesley Professional )
Head First Servlets & JSP by Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra and Bryan Basham (O'Reilly)
Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook by James Elliott (O'Reilly)
Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse, Second Edition 
 by Jim D'Anjou, Scott Fairbrother, Dan Kehn, John Kellerman, Pat McCarthy (Addison-Wesley Professional)
Mono: A Developer's Notebook by Edd Dumbill and Niel M. Bornstein (O'Reilly)
Perl Medic: Transforming Legacy Code by Peter J. Scott (Addison-Wesley Professional)
Physically Based Rendering: Theory to Implementation (The Interactive 3d Technology Series) 
 by Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys (Morgan Kaufmann)