Info Architecture and Web Usability Go Hand-in-hand

Info Architecture and Web Usability Go Hand-in-hand
By Brice Dunwoodie

Developing a unified web site or intranet for a large, decentralized 
organization is the Holy Grail for many of today's Internet professionals. 
Interfaces so usable that ye needn't think is the nirvana of web design 

Get started on the realization of these goals by attending a duo of 
workshops by IA icon Lou Rosenfeld (author of the Polar Bear book) and 
usability guru Steve Krug (author of "Don't Make Me Think").

Enterprise Information Architecture (Lou Rosenfeld)

This day-long seminar will help you convert a disjointed collection of 
content silos into a unified, user-centered web site or intranet. Coverage 
includes a combination of design recommendations, governance advice, 
and research methods that work in the highly political and often nasty 
environment known as the enterprise. The day includes a balance of 
lecture, discussion, and group exercises.

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Don't Make Me Think: The Web Usability Workshop (Steve Krug)

Expanding on the topics in his best-selling Web usability book, Steve's 
workshop will teach you how to recognize and solve the usability problems 
in your own site, and how to make low-cost/no-cost testing an everyday 
part of your company's design process. The day includes a live usability 
test and expert reviews of a number of websites using URLs submitted by 
attendees?perhaps even your own.

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