『Fuzzy Grammar: A Reader』OUP

執筆陣は豪華絢爛。アリストテレスウィトゲンシュタイン、イエスペルセンからラネカー、レイコフ、ニューメイヤー*1 まで。

『Fuzzy Grammar: A Reader』Paperback, 526pp, Oxford University Press, 2004
Edited by Bas Aarts, David Denison, Evelien Keizer and Gergana Popova
ISBN:0199262578, $35.00

This book brings together classic and recent papers in the philosophical and linguistic analysis of fuzzy grammar, gradience in meaning, word classes, and syntax. Issues such as how many grains make a heap, when a puddle becomes a pond, and so forth, have occupied thinkers since Aristotle and over the last two decades been the subject of increasing interest among linguists as well as in fields such as artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. The work is designed to be of use to students in all these fields. It has a substantial introduction, is divided into thematic parts, contains annotated sections of further reading, and is fully indexed.

"Certainly worth reading...interesting, stimulating, and highly relevant in the current state of affairs in linguistics."--Galit W. Sassoon, Linguist List 15.3335

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Nature of Grammatical Categories and their Representation 1

Part.I Philosophical Background 29
1 Categories 31
2 Concepts 33
3 Vagueness 35
4 Family Resemblances 41
5 The Phenomena of Vagueness 45

Part.II Categories in Cognition 65

6 The Boundaries of Words and their Meanings 67
7 Principles of Categorization 91
8 Categorizaton, Fuzziness, and Family Resemblances 109
9 Discreteness 131
10 The Importance of Categorization 139

Pt.III Categories in Grammar 179
11 Parts of Speech 181
12 English Word Classes 191
13 A Notional Approach to the Parts of Speech 213
14 Syntactic Categories and Notional Features 225
15 Bounded Regions 239
16 The Discourse Basis for Lexical Categories in Universal Grammar 247
17 Grammatical Categories 293

Pt.IV Gradience in Grammar 309
18 Gradience 311
19 Degrees of Grammaticalness 321
20 Descriptive Statement and Serial Relationship 327
21 On the Analysis of Linguistic Vagueness 341
22 Nouniness 351
23 The Coordination-Subordination Gradient 423
24 The Nature of Graded Judgments 431

Pt.V Criticisms and Responses 447
25 Description of Language Design 449
26 'Prototypes Save' 461
27 Fuzziness and Categorization 479
28 The Discrete Nature of Syntactic Categories: 
 Against a Prototype-based Account 487

Subject Index 511
Author Index 519
Language Index 525

*1:論文多数。Frederick J. Newmeyer
・‘Why Typology Doesn’t Matter to Linguistic Theory’. In Grant Goodall, M. Schulte-Nafeh, and Vida Samiian (Eds.), Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Meeting of the Western Conference on Linguistics. Fresno: Department of Linguistics, California State University at Fresno, pp. 334-352. 2000
・‘Grammar is Grammar and Usage is Usage’. Language 79, 682-707. 2003
・近著は『Language Form and Language Function』MIT Press。
・近刊はTypology and Generative Syntax. OUP

"Newmeyer is surely the most authoritative and fairest voice urging formalist and functionalist linguists to attend to one another's work. This book makes a strong case that the two sides do have things to say to one another, and I hope each will heed Newmeyer's injunction to listen to the other."
-- Stephen R. Anderson, Yale University