Business2.0 2005年テクノロジー予想

1. 1000万以上が普及するHDDレコーダーの年 
2. Appleが携帯端末iPhoneを発売 
3. Googleが何でも検索 
4. ブログがメインストリームになり、Podcastが続く 
5. テクノロジー企業の合併・買収が続く 
6. ナノテクが燃料電池を現実のものに 
7. アメリカの1999年のように、中国でIPOブームが 
8. 「情熱」という言葉がビジネスミーティングで禁じられる(冗談)


8. The word 'passion' is barred from all business meetings (please).

OK, this is more a wish than a hard prediction, but in business settings 
the word "passion" is so overused that it should be relegated to the 
drawer where they now keep "synergy" and sports metaphors. 

If I hear one more executive talk about his passion for server virtualization 
or digital content or customer satisfaction, I am going to start passing out
 stuffed lemmings (or some other poor, pathetic creature). 

In the new year, do everyone a favor and save the passion for the bedroom.