『An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics 2nd Edition』

ウンゲラー&シュミットの『認知言語学入門』(大修館書店、1998、 ISBN:4469212180)の原書第2版が出版されます。

『An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics 2nd Edition』 2005.01
Author: Friedrich Ungerer, Hans-Jorg Schmid
Publisher: Longman ISBN:0582784964
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Essential reading for undergraduate linguistics students, this is the first text to draw together all the important aspects of both cognitive semantics and syntax. It includes original proposals for a cognitive theory of word-formation and cognitive hierarchies.

・Considers the mental process of categorisation and its result
・Discusses the role of metaphor for understanding abstract concepts
・Analyses and defines clause patterns, word classes and other aspects of syntax, based on general cognitive principles

■New to this Edition
・New section covering the unified view of syntax and semantics provided by Construction Grammar
・New coverage of the cognitive-linguistic approach to online processing
・New chapter on Blending and Relevance
・Scope extended from sentence to text level
・Updated throughout in the light of recent research
・New exercises and example