Designing Highly Useable Software

AUTHOR: Jeff Cogswell
U.S. PRICE: $39.99
DESCRIPTION: Designing Highly Useable Software teaches you how to think about and plan for the needs of your users/administrators before writing your first line of code, making your applications more sensible to users.
Stressing the need to consider how humans think and work, this single volume addresses your broad design needs, including interface design, modeling the real world, designing windows and dialog boxes, software navigation, creating readable reports and software libraries, and testing from the user’s perspective.

Part I: Keeping It Simple
Chapter 1: The UUI:The Useable User Interface
Chapter 2: Modeling the Real World
Chapter 3: Laying Out Your Windows and Dialog Boxes
Chapter 4: Managing Your Software 's Time
Chapter 5: Highly Navigable Software
Chapter 6: Data,Reports,and Printouts
Chapter 7: Adding a Web Interface

Part II: The Lonely Engineer
Chapter 8: Under the Hood
Chapter 9: When Your Software Starts,Stops,or Dies a Quick Death
Chapter 10: Modularity and Libraries
Chapter 11: Object-Oriented Pontificating

Part III: The Business of It All: It's "Dollars and Sense"
Chapter 12: A Very Gross National Product:Business and Software Problems
Chapter 13: Testing,Testing,Testing
Chapter 14: Installing,Training,and Helping
Chapter 15: Book in a Book:A Guide for Programming Bosses
Appendix A: Software Design Resources